Testimonies - Smart Buy Homes

– Brandi & Gerald 09/26/2013 |

Honestly, it was a blessing to have a second chance to buy a new home. We didn’t think it would ever be possible. Smart Buy Homes gave us a chance to get our lives back together, and they made us very happy!

– Mike and Valerie 09/26/2013 |

We were first introduced to Smart Buy Homes 10 years ago when we purchased a home from them. The process was so easy and stress free! We didn’t have any of the bad experiences my wife and I had heard from friends of ours. A few months ago, we were even able to trade in […]

– Randy & Marla 09/26/2013 |

Everyone at Smart Buy Homes is always very nice to deal with. They made it possible for us to purchase our own home, and we had an easy, hassle-free closing.

– Mark Brandon, Equipment Dealer 02/14/2013 |

As a dealer of used transportation equipment, it is important that I have a rich and open line of credit to conduct my daily business. Using conventional financing for real estate can tie up much-needed credit. The Smart Buy Homes program allows me to buy a highend home and not have the mortgage affect my […]

– Jan Hawkins, Title Company Manager 02/14/2013 |

No one understands the challenges that today’s credit market presents for buyers like someone in the lending business does. Even if you can qualify, you are still faced with large down payments, closing costs and waiting. When I saw the opportunity to purchase the type of home we wanted with no credit required, no income […]